GmG Fund

Like other social businesses, we plan to take after-tax profits and re-invest in the causes we serve. We also want to create new ways for people to supercharge charitable organizations. We will do this through the GmG Fund.

Many great causes don’t have adequate budgets for marketing and communications. Others don’t feel they have the option of investing in marketing because of the scrutiny applied to their operational spend from donors and charity rating sites. We want good stories to be told and for great causes to thrive.

Our goal is to magnify the impact of your investment.

By donating to the GmG Fund, you have an exponential impact on charitable causes. Every dollar donated will be aimed at making a great cause more successful. It’s basically magic. Every $1 we receive astoundingly turns into $3 or even $5 by arming charities with strategic marketing that amplifies their effect.

We won’t go it alone.

While many times the GmG Fund will provide the ability for us to directly deliver affordable or pro-bono services, we will also call for help when needed. There are lots of very talented and experienced freelancers and firms. If we run into a need that can be better filled, we’ll be quick to handpick a quality partner and funnel funds their way to tackle the problem appropriately.

How can I help?

We’re glad you asked. Soon, you’ll be able to offer support directly through this site. If you want to make a difference right now, you can:

1. Contact us directly to discuss your desire to donate. Donations can be made to a general fund, or earmarked for a specific charity or cause.

2. Write a check to a charity you support and tell them it’s specifically for strategic marketing. If they want us to help, then great! But either way, they’ll be empowered to get the assistance they need.

How donations will be used:

Donations will be allocated across three major categories, while supplies last:

gMatch – For every dollar a qualifying nonprofit can spend on marketing, our fund will match it. This helps charities stretch their skimpy budgets and do the job that needs to be done.

gStart - For startup or early-stage charities, we can open new doors by providing strategic marketing with a pro-bono jumpstart, a boost that otherwise would be unavailable to them.

g4All – Our inspired, creative staff (along with some outside friends) will generate compelling campaigns that drive additional visibility, awareness, interest and action for a pressing cause, or even for charitable giving in general. Viral. Grassroots. Guerilla. Social. We’ll get attention!