As a nonprofit, multiple challenges face you in your quest for sustained growth and broader impact. Effectively reaching the people you’re trying to help. Recruiting and retaining volunteers. Proving your impact. Oh, and then there’s the small job of fundraising.

100% increase in the number of nonprofits the last 15 years

It gets harder every day

The number of nonprofits registered with the Internal Revenue Service has doubled to 1.5 million organizations over the past 15 years. Meanwhile, for as long as we’ve been measuring it, charitable giving in the U.S. has remained constant at about 2% of GDP.

And the competition isn’t just from other causes

384:1 marketing spend of major brands compared to nonprofits

If it weren’t tough enough for nonprofits to differentiate amidst the swell of competing charities, the added difficulty of standing out in a world dominated by major brands is a real and growing problem. Estimates show that $730 billion is spent annually on marketing in the U.S. Nonprofits are outspent 384 to 1. While not terribly surprising, that’s a problem when you’re trying to gain attention for a worthy cause.

76% of nonprofits are going without a marketing strategy

You can’t win, without a strategy

According to recent studies, only a quarter of nonprofits (24 percent) have a written and approved strategic marketing plan for the year ahead. Investing in strategic marketing is critical for organizations that expect to maintain current revenues, recruit quality volunteers and consistently reach the people they aim to help.

The support you need at a price you can pay

Good.Must.Grow. aims to help nonprofits thrive by providing top-shelf marketing resources offered at affordable rates, while making strategic help available pro-bono for qualifying start-up or early-stage charities.

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How can we help?

  • Better positioning your organization’s mission and impact through branding and storytelling
  • Creating highly-engaged communities of support among donors, volunteers, advocates and potential donors
  • Establishing effective platforms for disseminating messages, recruiting clients and raising funds
  • Effectively targeting and recruiting strategic individual donors, foundations and employer groups