• From 5K to Fatherhood Games: Transforming a Nonprofit Fundraiser


    SITUATION: After 12 years of executing an annual 5K fundraiser, the Family Foundation Fund (FFF) wanted to generate additional excitement from supporters, increased contributions from donors and new investment from corporate sponsors.

    CHALLENGE: Attendance and support for the FFF 5K had stagnated for three-straight years, and an endless string of competing races was making it more and more difficult to stand out.

    RESPONSE: GmG developed a new event concept, The Fatherhood Games, augmenting the 5K with a host of other family-friendly activities. In its first year, The Games hit all of FFF's fundraising goals, received rave reviews from participants and generated interest from new corporate sponsors, individuals donors and news media, such as The Tennessean.

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  • Growing Healthy Families: Telling the Wildflower Story


    SITUATION: As a start up that was exiting the prestigious Rock Health incubator in San Francisco, Wildflower had it all. Great leadership. A solid business plan. A cool new product. And momentum from early adopters in their market. The only thing missing? A compelling story.

    CHALLENGE: Wildflower needed to find its roots and better communicate what the company stands for, where it is headed and how it is different.

    RESPONSE: GmG took the leadership team through a strategic messaging process that led to the articulation of company level and product level key messages and a new, fresh way for the company to explain itself. Wildflower has quickly incorporated the new key messages into its branding and sales efforts and consistently receives positive feedback from customers and prospects.

  • Raising the Barre for a Brand New Wellness Studio


    SITUATION: Studio 3 Fitness was a new entrant to a crowded health and wellness market in a fast-growing community. It needed a compelling brand and a strategic plan to succeed.

    CHALLENGE: Communicate to prospects that Studio 3 was a friendly alternative to typical gyms, featuring an effective, up-and-coming fitness method, BarreAmped, as a core class offering.

    RESPONSE: GmG led all marketing efforts for the studio's branding, marketing strategy, launch and ongoing campaigns. Two years later, Studio 3 has established a strong base of clients and is growing 50 percent year over year.

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  • Driving Change Within a 100 Year Historic Brand


    SITUATION: Highmark, one of the nation's largest nonprofit health insurance plans, was embarking on the biggest shift and most dramatic change ever attempted in its 100+ year history. It tapped Good.Must.Grow. to support its internal communication efforts.

    CHALLENGE: Create a series of high-impact employee events that excite, educate and engage the workforce, while preparing colleagues for the change to come.

    RESPONSE: GmG partnered with Highmark to deliver a disruptive meeting format, complete with creative themes, more interactivity, digital experiences and compelling content, to help Highmark leaders successfully transfer knowledge and excitement to their teams.

  • Putting the Social in Enterprise for PRIDE


    SITUATION: PRIDE Enterprises needed to re-launch its brand, and fast. Specifically, Good.Must.Grow. helped with strategic positioning, a new logo, a new website and key collateral (e.g. annual report).

    CHALLENGE: Develop new look, feel and positioning for PRIDE that better articulated the company's mission, while balancing messages of business innovation with social impact.

    RESPONSE: GmG helped PRIDE position itself more squarely as a social enterprise and created balanced messaging and visuals to reflect its triple bottom line. We summed up the organization's mission in three words: Impact Through Industry.

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  • Bully Beat Down – Creating Awesome Upstanders


    SITUATION: HealthTeacher had just finished developing a cool app to teach kids how to stand up to bullies. They also had the perfect opportunity to garner attention with Anti-Bullying Awareness Month. But they had to move fast to make it happen.

    CHALLENGE: Effectively promote the AwesomeUpstander! app via social media to augment other marketing and public relations activities.

    RESPONSE: GmG quickly developed a highly targeted strategy aimed at prominent mom bloggers and created a social campaign that launched just in time for Anti-Bullying Awareness Month. Creating a community hub and securing participation from more than a dozen national mom bloggers, our team exposed more than 150,000 moms to HealthTeacher’s anti-bullying app and educational materials during the month of October.

  • Collaborative Care – Packaging Services and Expertise


    SITUATION: In response to a rapidly changing landscape in accountable care, Premier, Inc. had developed an amazing portfolio of resources and consulting services that were available to members of its various collaboratives. Over time, the organization realized that its members were not fully aware of all it had to offer.

    CHALLENGE: Expertly package and position Premier’s deep expertise and resources for helping hospitals and health systems prepare for accountable care.

    RESPONSE: GmG worked closely with Premier’s internal communications team and subject matter experts to reshape its promotional collateral for its accountable care offerings. The new collateral is helping Premier representatives tell their story and effectively consult with their membership.

  • Pizza for a Purpose – Helping One Nonprofit Make Some Dough


    SITUATION: Against the Grain is a nonprofit that lives up to its name. When other charities were making a push for end of year donations in 2012, AtG was doing something a little different. Purchasing a pizza joint. The charity bought Brothers Pizza Co. to help augment their revenue sources and to provide job training for people who need help getting back on their feet.

    CHALLENGE: Help AtG develop a strategic marketing plan to help them increase revenue of the restaurant by 20% in 2013.

    RESPONSE: GmG has been working with Brothers to develop an integrated strategy that focuses heavily on customer loyalty, local partnerships and rebranding efforts. Among the activities planned for 2013 are a grand re-opening, an increased presence on social media, more systemic and consistent communications, diversification of revenue sources and enhancements to the overall customer experience.

  • Changing the Facts – Driving B2B Leads for Healthways


    SITUATION: Healthways needed to fill its sales pipeline amidst a violently competitive marketplace. Standing out from the crowd was a problem, as was engaging potential customers who had grown skeptical of wellness vendors.

    CHALLENGE: Launch an effective lead generation campaign that would drive significant activity in the sales pipeline, translating in new revenue.

    RESPONSE: While other firms were using vivid lifestyle imagery and flowery, aspirational language, our Change the Facts campaign delivered a bare bones approach that cut to the chase. The health statistics were scary. Healthways could change them. And we had hard proof. Change the Facts funneled more than $35 million of prospective revenue into the pipeline and helped convert $10 million into won revenue.

  • A New Start for a Start Up - Privia's Brand Makeover


    SITUATION: Privia was bracing for rapid growth but was being challenged by messaging that didn’t fully articulate the innovation and value of its products.

    CHALLENGE: To develop a new messaging platform that clearly articulated the Privia value proposition to a range of audiences (physicians, patients, investors, partners) and refresh the company’s main branding vehicles, including corporate website, consumer-facing materials, video assets and sales collateral.

    RESPONSE: Strategic messaging workshops, consumer and physician feedback and competitive audits helped us form a clear and compelling messaging platform. We fully executed a suite of new creative assets that have been effective in repositioning the company for growth. For a sample of the new messaging and visuals, please visit

  • Today's the Day – Driving Participation in Health + Wellness


    SITUATION: A series of acquisitions left Healthways with a disjointed and unorganized approach to offering clients marketing solutions to drive participation in the company’s wellness programs.

    CHALLENGE: Establish marketing engagement team to consult with clients, build effective marketing strategies and develop integrated marketing campaign to drive participation.

    RESPONSE: Formed team, oversaw creation of unified marketing campaign covering all Healthways programs, developed communications consulting and account management best practices. Served 150 Healthways clients in first year of operation. Survey responses and statistics demonstrated engagement levels more than doubled when engagement team was active with accounts. Campaigns have won multiple industry awards for innovation and effectiveness.

  • The Benefits of Membership – A Doctor-Driven Wellness Program


    SITUATION: Privia Health wanted to more effectively and efficiently drive membership in its wellness and prevention programs, which are made available through partnerships with primary care physicians.

    CHALLENGE: Conduct a full analysis of current Privia membership and develop a strategic plan to address opportunities.

    RESPONSE: Conducted full analysis of membership lifecycle. Completed in-depth review of process for program introduction, led segmentation project to better understand key demographic/psychographic characteristics of members and uncovered drivers for buying decisions and emotional barriers to membership.

    Analysis resulted in a streamlined program launch process, targeted messaging based on segmentation/barriers and the introduction of multiple new programs and tactics that were piloted to drive additional membership.

  • A Sleek, Online Upgrade for a Sharp Market Insights Firm


    SITUATION: Optimization Group, an award-winning, world renowned marketing insights firm, had outgrown its corporate website.

    CHALLENGE: Design and implement a web prescence that more effectively represents the OG brand and the smart, sophisticated approach the firm takes with clients.

    RESPONSE: GmG worked closely with OG’s internal team to design and deliver a fresh new site that punched up the OG brand, while showcasing the firm’s expertise and experience.

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