Politics, Violence and Price Tags Creating Drag on Social Responsibility, According to Sixth Annual Conscious Consumer Spending Index (#CCSIndex)

2018 Infographic
2018 Press Release


Stress of Current Events Is Generating Apathy Among Americans Says Fifth Annual Conscious Consumer Spending Index (#CCSIndex)

2017 Infographic     2017 Press Release


Consumers Less Conscious as Fourth Annual Conscious Consumer Spending Index (#CCSIndex) Shows a Slight Dip in Socially Responsible Shopping

2016 Infographic     2016 Press Release


Socially Responsible Shopping Crawls Upward While Charitable Giving Makes a Comeback.

2015 Infographic     2015 Press Release


Charitable Giving Cools as More Consumers Turn to Responsible Shopping as Way to “Give Back”.

2014 Infographic     2014 Press Release


Purpose Driven Consumers Planning Sharp Increase in Socially Conscious Purchases.

2013 Infographic     2013 Press Release

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About the Survey

The #CCSIndex is an ongoing benchmarking study of the “do good” revolution. It tracks a variety of trends in charitable giving and conscious consumerism, including the importance consumers are placing on purchasing from socially responsible companies, actions taken to support such products and services, and future intent to increase the amount they spend with responsible organizations.

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