Client Case Study

Brooklyn Copper Cookware

Marketing Strategy, Web Development, Customer Acquisition, Membership Retention

The Finest Cooking Tools Ever Made

Brooklyn Copper Cookware designs and makes beautiful, handmade pure tin-lined copper cookware right here in America.  



Mapping the Customer Journey

As part of BCC's strategic marketing plan, we helped the company map its customer journey, from the first hello to a committled long-term relationship with the brand. We developed specific strategies to help indivdiuals follow the path from introduction to trial to purchase to evangelism. 

A New Online Home

Good.Must.Grow. helped BCC revamp its online presence, including bringing the product forward, building in more effective CTAs and creating a cleaner look and feel that was reflective of the BCC brand.

Amplifying the Customer's Voice

One of the most powerful aspects of the BCC brand are the passionate customers who purchase the company's products. We are working hard to create forums and opportunities for BCC's "Copper Heads" to share their love of cooking and their love of copper cookware with the world and with each other. This includes developing a more robust membership program, establishing special events and eventually launching an online community where BCC customers can share recipes, cooking tips and more!

Giving Back to the Community

As part of BCC's charitable impact initiative, Good.Must.Grow. helped develop a strategic partnership with Big Green, a well-respected nonprofit that builds learning gardens in schools across the country. Big Green connects kids to real food, increases academic achievment and drives community. It was the perfect fit for BCC's mission to support more sustainable and healthy approaches to food, while also fueling a great societal need for educating and empowering today's youth. 



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