Who We Are

Our Story

Doing Good By Any Means Necessary

That’s our motto at Good.Must.Grow. We are obsessed with helping good organizations grow. We provide strategic marketing support for socially responsible businesses, nonprofit causes and individuals committed to making our world a healthier place. We fuel our own initiatives aimed at specific causes, ranging from human trafficking to addiction to health and wellness.

We are part of a movement that is driving societal change by sparking increased charitable giving, conscious consumerism and community involvement. If you are using business as a force for good, we believe that you must grow. The world is depending on people like you.

Doing Good Work

We help for profit and nonprofit customers solve problems. And we bill for our services just like most agencies do. When we generate after-tax profits from our work, we reinvest in worthy causes. We also dedicate budget and bandwidth each year to start our own movements aimed at various needs such as addiction recovery, human trafficking and homelessness. In total, we are committed to donating a minimum of 5 percent of staff time to pro-bono services. 

Personalizing Purpose

Our core team is backed by a creative collective of designers, developers, writers and other skilled professionals across the country. Based on your specific needs, budget and other factors, we assemble a specialized team and deliver a personalized approach that is made just for you.

Our Model


Low overhead and no unecessary costs. We are a lean, mean social change machine.


On demand resources. Personalized teams. Exactly what you need to get the job done.


Seasoned professionals with strategic firepower. We have been there, done that.

Our Team

We have a talented, diverse crew of marketers and strategic advisors at the ready who have launched new products for household brands, counseled Fortune 500 companies and spurred growth for nonprofits big and small.

But what you'll like most is their passion. They get charged for a good cause, and they only work with us because they want to work with folks like you.

Heath Shackleford

Heath Shackleford is our fearless founder. He is an experienced marketer, social entrepreneur and national thought leader with 23+ years of varied experience and a master’s degree in mass communications. Earlier in his career, he led strategic communications campaigns for global brands such as Arthur Andersen, Deloitte Consulting and Northwestern Mutual while with top-ten PR firm Ketchum in Chicago. He also has a decade of experience successfully promoting organizations that improve society through the delivery of health and wellness programs to millions of Americans. He’s made the rounds as a sports writer, an adjunct professor and even has experience in such things as hip hop songwriting and calf scrambling (just ask and he’ll explain).

GmG Nation

Our squad is scattered across the country and ready to be assembled for your next project. Graphic designers, website specialists, digital marketers, researchers, writers, lead generators, project managers, strategists, videographers, photographers, and the list goes on and on. Let's build your team today!


We are always looking to add talented, passionate, purpose-driven marketers to our team. If you are interested in sharing your skills to do more good in the world, let's talk!

THE types of companies we help


You have a story. You are making a difference. We'll provide you with top-shelf marketing resources at affordable rates so everyone will know who you are, what you do and how they can help.

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Social Business

Warby Parker. TOMS Shoes. Patagonia. Starbucks. Ben & Jerry's. We'll make sure your social business is the next case study, the next media sensation, the next "best place to work".

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Health + Wellness

There is no greater challenge facing us than the growing healthcare crisis. We help wellness-minded orgs drive change, communicate effectively, and achieve healthy returns.

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Conscious Consumer Spending Index


Socially Responsible Spending Experiencing Massive Growth, According to 11th Annual Conscious Consumer Spending Index

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