Client Case Study

Wildflower Health

Marketing Strategy, Branding, Content Marketing, Lead Generation, PR, Sales Enablement

Growing Healthy Families with Wildflower

We support Wildflower Health in its pursuit to personalize healthcare and revolutionize the support provided to families at every age and stage.

Building a Brand

Good.Must.Grow. helped Wildflower refine its logo, redesign its corproate website and claim new terrority for its capabilities. This included new messaging and positioning, as well as a stable of sales support materials. 

Creating a Content Marketing Strategy

Good.Must.Grow. helped Wildflower develop a content marketing stategy that included regular blogs, email newsletters, press releases, whitepapers, ebooks, infographics and other premium content. As a result, Wildflower enjoyed steady and consistent growth in website traffic and an unprecedented amount of marketing-qualified sales leads.

Strategic Philanthropy

One of the most powerful projects we've completed for Wildflower involved helping them find the perfect nonprofit partner. The company has always purpose-driven and mission-centered. Their culture was built on socially responsible ideals. Their products helped solve societal issues and brought equity and humanity to healthcare. But a missing piece in their model was strategic philanthropy. We helped Wildlfower narrow countless charitable options down to a shortlist of nonprofits that aligned with Wildflower's mission and met other criteria important to the organization. 

Raphael House was the organization selected to be Wildflower's nonprofit partner. Raphael House has a long history of helping San Francisco families get back on their feet and reclaim their lives. It is the perfect fit for Wildflower. The company has been able to donate both time and money to Raphael House, involving its entire team in the process while bringing clarity to its nonprofit efforts.


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